Yours, Jack (2)

TO LEO BAKER, an actor, a teacher of acting, and friend Lewis made in Oxford in 1919, who introduced Lewis to Oven Barfield, a fellow anthroposophist: On Lewis’s growing sense of God.


You will be interested to hear that in the course of my philosophy – on the existence of matter – I have had to postulate some sort of God as the least objectionable theory: but of course we know nothing. At any rate we don’t know what the real Good is, and consequently I have stopped defying heaven: it can’t know less than I, so perhaps you will see it in me as a sign of grace.
Don’t mistake the position:its no cry of “all’s well with the world”: it’s only a sense that I have no business to object to the universe as long as I have nothing to offer muself – and in that respect we all bankrupt.



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