Season Suite: Spring

When Timber Makes One Still

As spring approaches and begins to settle in I cannot help but enjoy “Season Suite: Spring” by John Denver. He and I share a similar elation over the changing seasons and the coming of spring. No wonder he is one of my all-time favorites!

“Open up your eyes and see the brand new day, the clear blue sky and brightly shining sun.
Open up your ears and hear the breezes say, ‘everything that’s cold and gray is gone.’
Open up your hands and feel the rain come down, taste the wind and smell the flowers’ sweet perfume.
Open up your mind and let the light come in, the earth has been reborn and life goes on.
Do you care what’s happening around you? Do your senses know the changes when they come?
Can you see yourself reflected in the seasons? Can you understand the need to carry on?”

DSC_0054Connell Red Apple Tree (Malus domestica) ©Tom Gable


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