Coming Soon – Romans (SGBC) -Michael F. Bird


I’ll be honest, this is not a technical volume. I was not trying to write something to compete with the judicious volumes of Cranfield, Dunn, Jewett, or Moo. However, I think the exegesis is robust and yet accessible. What is more – and forgive my positive self-assessment, I believe I’ve done some good work on how to live out the story of Romans. In my experience, the application in most application commentaries is really just theology, knowing what stuff to believe and file away in your head. Yes, reading Romans requires a lot of that, since Romans is a didactic text. Yet true application is more than knowing what theology to believe. Thus, I’ve pained and strained with how to live and apply the text, using my own set of experiences, stories, and illustrations. Plus trying to tie it all into the big story-line of Scripture too. So be warned, there is a lot of Les Miserables references and Army stories, plus no few comical anecdotes too.
So now we all have two things in life to look forward to: Star Wars VII in December and then Romans SGBC in February!

Pre-order now at the page.

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