An Orthodox Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Romanian Translation of ‘Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism’ – 1



It is not by chance that I find myself writing this preface to a theological work that presents itself as pioneering initiative [1] directed towards a dialogue between Orthodox and Evangelical believers. In fact, according to a Christian saying that has deep roots in the biblical text (Luke 12:7), “nothing in life happens by chance”.

Many years ago, in an entirely providential way, I made the acquaintance of Danut Manastireanu. I had been invited to an academic colloquium at the Emanuel Baptist Institute in Oradea. It was there that we met. I do not know whether we spoke to each other very much on that occasion. I do not think we did. I no longer remember. But what I do remember is what I felt then: I must meet this person again!

I did not know when or why. I had nothing in common with him:…

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